Ambient Occlusion

I used SSAO technique to implement ambient occlusion in sponza scene. I created 16 random samples and calculated occlusion based on the following assumptions:
1. If the occluder point lies in the same plane as the occludee then, occlusion is 0.
2. If the occluder is below the occludee then again the occlusion is 0.
3. Also, the occlusion varies with occluder's distance from occludee.

With out ambient occlusion
With Ambient Occlusion

Vertex Morphing:
I implemented vertex morphing in a teapot. In this, teapot is morphed into a sphere. In morphing I faced a lot of difficulties as morphing a cow was resulting in a different kind of a structure. Here is a result of cow morphing:

Result with Tea pot:

Original Teapot

Vertex Bulge:

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