Image post-processing

Implemented various image effects using fragment shader.

1. Image Negative: The formula is very simple just deduct the rgb values of image from 1 i.e. 1 - rgb is the new color of the image.

2. Grey Scale: Greyscale image is an image in which the value of each pixel contains only the intensity of color at that pixel. Hence, the formula to calculate intensity is:
vec3 W = vec3 (0.2125, 0.7154, 0.0721);
float luminance = dot(rgb, W);

Then, just set the luminance value to be the rgb value for the pixel.

3. Gaussian Blur: It is used to reduce image noise and details.

4. Edge Detection:

5. Toon Shader:

6. Gamma Correction: Response color of the monitor is in the form c_out = c_in ^ (gamma). Hence, the actual color displayed on screen has lesser value. Hence, to counter the effect of gamma factor, we use the formula: c_in ^(1/gamma).

7. Contrast: used algorithm specified at

8. Night Vision: It is simple. First calculate the noise and then multiply that noise with the green color. Set the newly calculated value to be the value of the pixel color.

9. Brightness: As I understand brightness is just adding the light to the pixel.

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  1. This is a very nice tutorial on various image effects using fragment shader. Really image negative, grey scale and gamma correction formulas are very wonderful. These helped me to work with clipping path service. I thank you for sharing.